About us

Medco AS
 is established in Norway. We are manufactoring human organ transport systems, and  produce equipments for the health and pharmaceutical sectors. We have longstanding experience in making special packaging solutions and pharmeaceutical machineries. We have trusted suppliers who can assist us with their expertise when necessary. We encourage customers to have direct contact with us either by fax or e-mail.

We value your feedback regarding our products and services.

MEDCO AS, reg.no.: NO883077482MVA

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NORWAY:Radium/Rikshospitalet, Oslo.

Sahlgrenska Sjukhuset, Gøteborg. Akademiska Sjukhuset, Uppsala. Huddinge Sjukehus, Huddinge. Malmø Allmena Sjukhus (MAS), Malmø.

DENMARK:Rigshospitalet, København. Skejby Sygehus, Århus. Odense Sygehus, Odense Herlev Sygehus, Herlev.
FINLAND:Helsinki University Central Hospital (HUCH), Helsinki.