Why the nordic transplant centers chose the MEDCOKit

MEDCOKit is watertight under all circumstances, gives a higher degree of security than using bags and crushed ice. 

Kit gives a secure organ transportation without the use of ice or other cooling fluids. No leaking hazard during transportation and storing. 

With the MEDCOKit there is no hazard for frost burn on the organs. Secure and controlled cooling of the organs. No direct contact between the organs and the cooling elements. 

In the MEDCOKit the organs can be transported in a stable and secure way regardless of the position of the styrofoam case. The organs will always be fully covered by the storage solution if the containers are filled to the brim.

The MEDCOKit is a user adjusted packaging solution. "All-in-one solution" Cooling compartment and a separate compartment for samples and papers.

The MEDCOKit is ergonomically designed. 

In the MEDCOKit the organs are stored in shock proof containers. 

The MEDCOKit inner container is constructed out of a desire to use as little storage solution as possible. This is due to economic reasons. 

The MEDCOKit concept is simple to store, simple to use and gives you optimal logistics. 

The MEDCOKit styrofoam case with the cooling elements is a reusable device. 

The MEDCOKit kidney and pancreas container is a sterile single use product.